Chellow Dean, Allerton

7th May 2023

I've enjoyed spending one to one time with this one, because I don't get to do that that often...and we drew the same thing so that's really cool.

Eleven of us gathered, in the drizzle, just before dawn outside the Fleece Inn at the corner of Allerton Road and North Parade in Allerton this morning.

Our walk leader Chris, handed out torches, sit mats and waterproofs to those that wanted them and then leds us to a spot in the woods on the edge of Chellow Dean.

This Sense Of Place event was planned to be part of Reveille 2023, an international broadcast of the Dawn Chorus from around the globe.

Our plan was to broadcast the sounds we heard as part of that event. Unfortunately there were technical problems at their end that meant we would not be able to connect our stream, but we did make a recording.

When stayed in the woods for about 40 minutes, as twilight turn into sunrise at 5:20am, witnessing the dawning of the day.

Some people did some drawing, others simply took in the land and soundscape.

At sunrise, Julie served up hot chocolate and croissants for everyone, and after a group photo and a moment of reflection we were led back to the Fleece (in the daylight), said our farewells and headed home.

(I liked) the hot chocolate.

Climate Impact

We have tried to make this a low-carbon event by design, targetting a local audience, for a local event.

In the run up to the event, the biggest carbon impact was car travel between Bingley and Allerton by some or the organisers. However, much of the local organisation was done locally, reducing the need for those trips.

On the day, the biggest carbon impact of this event was probably travel to the event. Our walk leader needed to use a car to bring health and safety equipment (waterproofs, carry mats, torches) along. Three people came from outside of the area by car (including organisers). Some people that lived nearby also drove a short distance because of the wet weather. The maximum distance travelled was 3 miles.

Our other Carbon Costs were in the materials we used. The outdoor gear came from a community resource, so is re-used often(i.e. no-one needed to buy a new torch or waterproof to take part). People brought their own drawing materials (i.e. we didn’t buy anything new for the project)


Audio: A Sense of Place. Allerton - 7th May 2023 04:37

We began to record at 04:37 - the official start of twighlight, as we arrived at the site. The recording ends at 05:20 - the official time of sunrise that day.

Something completely different.

Bird list

We ran the recording of the event through the bird identification app Merlin and it identified the following:

  • Robin
  • Wren
  • Crow
  • Wood Pigeon
  • Chaffinch
  • Song Thrush
  • Great Tit