All Saints Parish Church, Bingley

29th November 2022

This event was limited to 25 places, so with artists and helpers about 30 of us took part in A Sense of Place at All Saints Parish Church, where we gathered to listen to sounds designed to anchor people in time and place.

Listening collectively, the audience was challenged to think about the ways in which we listen in a deeper way.

The event also provided an opportunity to respond creatively to the sound. We provided ‘listening kits’ so people could engage in some mindful stitching, sketching or writing, which most people took advantage of.

The event ended with the ringing of the church bells, as the regular Tuesday evening practice starts each week at 7:30pm.

Peaceful, centred, thought provoking

- audience feedback, Bingley, 29th November 2022

Climate Impact

We have tried to make this a low-carbon event by design.

The biggest carbon impact of this event was probably audience travel to the event. The venue is close to a bus stop, and Bingley Train Station is 5 -10 minutes walk away.

BUS: The event was timed to work well for anyone travelling on the 662 bus in either direction. Max fare is £2 one way.

TRAIN: Travel to and from Keighley worked well for this event. From Bradford, it worked well for the start, but people would have had some time to kill before the return train.

People’s intention to travel was as follows:
Bicycle: 2
Bus: 3
Car share: 1
Other: 1
Own vehicle: 6
Train: 6
Walk / Self- powered: 3

We don’t have data for exactly how people did travel on the day.

Our next Carbon Cost was the church heating which ran for an hour before and through to the end of the event.

Our final Carbon Costs were in the materials we used. This was mitigated by all the contents of the listening kits coming from end of line ‘scrap’ stock left over that we collectively had lying around.

Loved the listening kits, so beautifully put together.

- audience feedback, Bingley, 29th November 2022


Audio: A Sense of Place. Field Recordings.

The audio is 40 minutes of gathered sounds, arranged in sections that last roughly 5 minutes. There is a thirty second gap of silence between sections.

Deep listening prompts based off the work of Pauline Oliveros were displayed during the performance and and listed below.

All the audio was recorded with a smart phone or via the internet.

1) Bingley, 1st of May 2022 5:20am (Dawn Chorus)
“Is this sound going in or coming out?”

2) Ardrossan Beach, Scotland, 7th August 2021, 7:30pm
“Find someone else in this room and listen with their ears”

3) Bingley, 1st March 2022, 7:50pm
“What more could you hear if you had bigger ears?”

4) Chichibu Forest, Japan, 30th April 2021, 4:20am (Recorded via Locus Sonus)
“What colour is this sound?”

5) Bingley Railway Station, now (if listening at 7:12pm on 29th Novemebr 2022)
“Listen to this sound like it has never been heard before”

6) St. Ives, Bingley, Summer, Winter, Spring, Autumn
“What more could you hear if you had smaller ears?”

7) Bingley, 9th November 2022, 12.24pm
“What colour is this sound?”

8) Davos, Switzerland, 25th January 2019
“Listen. Reward your focus.”

9)Bingley, 29th November 2022, 7:30pm


The video featuring deep listening prompts is now up on YouTube:


Three Words

  • peaceful (11)
  • thought-provoking (6)
  • calming (3)
  • mindful (3)


Calm. Curious. Full of Bingley.

- audience feedback, Bingley, 29th November 2022